Plus size shorts 2015

Shorts are among the irreplaceable clothes of summer. With their colors, cuts and fabrics, they are blue-eyed boy of our wardrobes! They are also plus size women’s favorite! Especially denim and linen shorts are preferred by plus size women. Shorts that have ethnic patterns are among the most popular clothes


Plus size kimonos

If you keep up with the fashion, you must know that kimonos are very popular in this season. With lots of pattern variations, color options and of course with their tassels, they are really stylish and lovely. Kimonos are preferred every woman not matter their age or body size is.


Clothing tips for apple body shape

After learning your body shape, dressing accordingly makes you look perfect and fashionable. The golden tip for each body shape: Distract attention from your imperfections. If your extra kilos are intensified on your abdominal region, If your hips are relatively narrower than your upper body, More clearly, if your paunch


Plus size jackets & coats

Jackets and coats are among the essential parts of a woman’s wardrobe. They are like component parts of our dressing style. These jackets and coats are manufactured from various fabrics. It is important to choose the appropriate fabric type to for your body. For instance, choosing a jersey jacket or


Plus size pants

It is generally difficult to find a pants for plus size women because it should be manufactured from special fabrics that can hide extra kilos. Besides, choosing the right cut is very important. First of all, while choosing plus size pants, you should tend towards dark colors because they cover


Plus size sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are irreplaceable women that are close to street style. Nowadays, it is very easy to find plus size sweatshirts both in normal stores and online shops. There are a number of plus size sweatshirts. Short and long, colorful and solid-color, loose cut or tight-fitting… You can want to choose

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