Plus size undergarments

With the awareness, fashion designers have started to pay more attention on plus size undergarments. Every size and model can be found in any store because lingerie is important for plus size woman as well as slim women. Lots of famous fashion brands have a plus size lingerie collection. Victoria’s


Plus size lingerie 2015

Lingerie is one of the most important piece of clothes for every woman. As well as casual lingerie, sexy lingerie attach women’s attraction from every size. Generally, those sexy underclothes are suitable for slim women. But it is not the case! Clothing industry is getting more and more developed in


Plus size bridal lingerie

No matter their body size are, bridal lingerie that brings together the seduction of lace and innocence of color white is a must for every girl who are planning to marry. Besides, they are the essential parts of your wedding gown. The range of bridal lingerie is quite wide. The


Plus Size Lingerie 2015

All the ladies wish to look sexy and attractive. So they carefully select their lingerie. There are many good options for plus size lingerie for women with ower weight. For each weight and body type you have helpers that make you feel great and allow you to enchant your beauty;


Plus size lingerie

When it comes to charming and sexy lingerie, models having the hourglass figure come to our minds. We think that all of those bras, panties and nightgowns are suitable for slim women. However, when we look at plus size lingerie models, we surprise to see that there are a number


Plus size lingerie suggestions

It is possible to hide extra kilos and seem slimmer with a few clothing cues. We have suggestions for you. First of all, nobody knows your body better than you so you should carefully analyze your own body. Where are your extra kilos? What colors are more suitable for you?