Plus size bikini

It is very hard to find a plus size bikini in summertime because plus size women think that bikinis are not suitable for them. However, these bikinis are like a challenge against this view! There are lots of bikini options for plus size women from colorful ones to low-cut ones.


Plus size beach dresses

When it is summertime, everyone want get rid of the tiredness of the whole year with a wonderful holiday! However, plus size women a little bit hesitant about it because they do not know how to hide their overweight. Yes! After a vigorous efforts, you find a suitable swimsuit for


Plus size swimsuits 2015

Generally, it is thought that bikinis and swimsuits are suitable for slim women. We all see zero size fashion models on swimsuit advertisements. Hence, plus size women are mostly disappointed when they enter a shop to buy swimsuit. However, fashion designers have placed special emphasis on plus size swimsuits in


Plus size swimsuits

With the beginning of summer, swimsuits start to hit the stores. Women who have normal body size can easily find lots of swimsuits for themselves whereas overweight women have difficulty in doing so. However, women who have extra kilos are free to swim thanks to plus size swimsuits. Among these


Plus Size Swimwear

As the summer approaches, plus size women start to brood on swimsuits because plus size swimwear models are few so options are limited. High-waist models are among the latest trends for 2015 Spring Summer 2015 fashion. These kinds of swimsuits are recommended for plus size women. Tassel swimsuits were trends