Plus Size Cardigans

Plus size fashion presents wide range of products for women who have difficulty in finding suitable clothes for themselves. Among these products, cardigans have a special place with lots of color options. Both formal and casual cardigan alternatives are available for plus size women. Generally, plus size women prefer long


Golden tips to lose weight healthfully!

It is everyone’s dream to seem slim and healthy, but, as everything has rules, there are rules for losing weight in a healthy way. 1- You should consume 2-3 portions of fresh fruits every day. 2-In every main meal, raw vegetables or salads (with olive oil) should be consumed. 3-


Top 10: Plus Size Models

Nowadays, plus size models are taking zero size models’ place in fashion world. All of those models looking as skinny as a beanpole start to be a thing of the past. Plus size models change our perception of beauty with their gorgeous appearance! We threw together a list of the


Plus size fashion models in the world of fashion

Despite the fact that zero size models are primarily preferred by modelling agencies, plus size models are candidate to topple zero size models from their throne. Sports Illustrated that uses zero size models since its first issue, gives a place to plus-size model Ashley Graham for the first time. Her


Plus Size Clothing Combination Ideas

It is not always easy to find suitable plus-size clothes. If you are a full-figured woman and you search for clothes that make you look thinner, you will like our combinations that we choose for you. We gather together clothing combinations that consist of long dresses, shorts and colorful pants.


Plus size swimsuits

With the beginning of summer, swimsuits start to hit the stores. Women who have normal body size can easily find lots of swimsuits for themselves whereas overweight women have difficulty in doing so. However, women who have extra kilos are free to swim thanks to plus size swimsuits. Among these


10 Plus size fashion blogs that you can follow

We’re sure that finding a plus-size fashion blog is more difficult than finding plus-size clothes. So, we assembled 10 plus size fashion blogs so that you can easily decide which clothes are suitable for your body size and stylish. 1-Franceta Johnson This Toronto-American fashion blogger has an adventurous and effortless


Plus Size Lingerie 2015

All the ladies wish to look sexy and attractive. So they carefully select their lingerie. There are many good options for plus size lingerie for women with ower weight. For each weight and body type you have helpers that make you feel great and allow you to enchant your beauty;


4 types of clothes for plus size women

Summer heat is both sweltering and difficult to choose clothes for everyone, especially for plus size women. We have suggestions for women who brood on what they should wear in summer. Let’s take a look at together! Tunics are lifesaving parts of plus size women’s dressing. Particularly, A cut tunics


Plus size jackets

No matter age, sex or weight, everyone likes wearing jacket. As it has always been, jackets are in fashion this year. There are a lot of jacket options with wide selection of color and cuts, especially for plus size women. Among plus size jackets, the most preferred ones are longer

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