Slimming tactics for chocoholics

If you are a chocoholic, you should a piece of chocolate every day. By this way, you do not feel yourself wretched and you do not eat more than necessary in special occasions. Also, by dipping a strawberry of a piece of banana into the melted chocolate, you can still


Plus Size Model

If you are interested in fashion  you’ve surely come across to plus size models. “Size zero” perception of beauty has created controversy for many years. Models that have thin and straight body lines discussed becuse they don’t reflect the real woman. But the fashion world began to open place for


What do men find attractive in a woman?

We asked men about the common characteristics of women that they find attractive. At the end of our special news, you will learn secrets to fascinate your partner and strengthen your relationship. Be Positive! Everyone likes people who spreads positive energy around. Men find these kind of women are more


What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the whole change that occurs in skin texture and make it looks like orange peel. It is not an illness or a sign of unhealthiness. It is more prevalent in women than in men as a result of different kinds of adiposity. What causes cellulite? There are a


Plus Size Wedding Gowns

Undoubtedly, wearing a wedding gown is the dream of every woman. Plus size wedding gowns have a particular importance because they are haute couture. These kinds of wedding gowns are designed especially for plus size brides who want to seem slimmer by hiding their extra kilos. Every woman has a


Plus Size Dresses for 2015

The latest trends of 2015 are frilled dresses because they are both loose and wearable in everywhere. While choosing the right dress, you should know your body shape correctly. While examining dress models carefully, you should keep in mind your body size and choose accordingly.


Fashionable plus size clothes

Being a plus size woman doesn’t mean that you cannot be stylish. There are lots of fashionable plus size clothes. After examining our fashionable plus size clothing photo gallery, you will absolutely give us right! Actually, being a stylish woman depends on your sense of dress, your ability to match


Plus size saffron yellow clothes

As you all know, saffron yellow is among the most stylish and popular colors of 2015. Saffron yellow blouses, dresses, pants, long cardigans, skirts… There are lots of options. For example, black blouses are accordant with long saffron yellow cardigans. You can complete this combination with both jeans and fabric


Cheap plus size clothes

When we’re looking in online or normal shops, plus size clothes are generally quite expensive. The fabric that they are manufactured from or their special design may make them that expensive, but anymore, dressing plus size clothes is not that overpriced, especially thanks to the growing demand. You can reach

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