What do men find attractive in a woman?

We asked men about the common characteristics of women that they find attractive. At the end of our special news, you will learn secrets to fascinate your partner and strengthen your relationship.

Be Positive!
Everyone likes people who spreads positive energy around. Men find these kind of women are more attractive. Abstention from gossip, honesty and sincerity are also appreciated.
Keep smiling!
Having a beautiful smile is one of the most significant characteristics of charming women.
A self-confident attitude against life! Self-confidence is the most important factor of success. To show your self-confidence, you should make eye contact with your partner.
The majority of men prefer sensitive women having a natural sex appeal and feminine tone of voice.
Skin, lips and height!
Generally, men categorized women according to these characteristics such as cute, sexy and attractive.
According to men, a woman should be self-ordained. That is, she must be able to take her own decisions.