What is Cellulite?

What causes celluliteCellulite is the whole change that occurs in skin texture and make it looks like orange peel. It is not an illness or a sign of unhealthiness. It is more prevalent in women than in men as a result of different kinds of adiposity.
What causes cellulite?
There are a number of causes of cellulite, such as genetic/hormonal factors, dietary habit and lifestyle. Also, smoking and alcohol consumption contributes a lot to formation of cellulite.
How to get rid of cellulite?
Maintain your weight. Your caloric intake should be 1500.
Get into the habit of doing exercise. It can be everything including jogging, bicycling, swimming and gym.
Care about taking vitamin/mineral intake, especially A/E vitamins and magnesium.
Keep away from salt, sugar, smoking, dark tea/coffee, chocolate, frying and white flour.
Give a massage yourself! Massage is important in terms of regulation of blood circulation. In addition to massage, sauna is useful, too.
Finally, regular use of anti-cellulite creams play a big role in respect of preventing the formation of cellulite.